Free SEO tools for photographers


Knowledge is power they say, and this couldn’t be more relevant when it comes to improving your website visibility so new potential clients can find you.


This blog post lists some of the great FREE SEO tools for photographers so you know where you rank, what keywords are driving traffic to your site and some suggestions for related keywords you could be using.


The great news is search engines want to do the best job for people using them so if you put the effort into your website it will be rewarded!. Do your homework and understand what kind of blogs and content your potential clients really want to read. Create a brilliant website and make it easy for people to share.  Do this and you will start to see your website traffic increase.

What does SEO actually mean?


For those of you new to SEO I thought it would be helpful first to answer what it actually is! SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the name given to things that you do to increase your visibility on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Google ranks pages based on how relevant and how much of an authority Google thinks you are on the particular subject that people are searching. So as an example, if a potential client was searching for Camberley photographer it would assess my website and consider whether I am the best match for this search. It would look at where I actually live, how good my website is, whether my site is mentioned by other online sites and many other factors (over 200 in fact!)


Some interesting search statistics


  • On average 93% of website visits are referrals from a search engine.


  • 70% of the links search users click on are organic and this means that…..


  • 70-80% of users completely ignore the paid adverts, choosing the organic results.


  • 75% of users NEVER scroll past page 1 of search results. The chart below shows the relationship between ranking position and conversion (source Advanced web ranking )



  • The Cornell University a user-behaviour study focused on search behaviour specifically on Google. They used an eye-tracking study of a sample of undergraduate students to determine clicks and attention distribution. According to their data, 56.36% of all clicks go to the top-ranked website. The last result on the first result page gets 2.55% of all clicks (Source: Serprobot)

Free SEO tools : Understand where you currently are and what keywords to target in the future

SEO Edge – Check your SEO position (mobile)

  • Free app for your phone which allows you to track your position on up to 5 keywords
  • Rankings at a glance
  • Allows you to visualise your SEO progress


  • An online tool that allows you to reverse engineer your competitors’ SEO, content marketing, and social media marketing strategy.

Looks at keywords, content and backlinks of your competitors. 

SERP ROBOT (was Serblab) – Check your SEO position (PC)

  • Free online system that allows you to check up to 5 keywords for free
  • Rankings at a glance

The HOTH – Discover how people are currently finding your site

  • Tells you the keywords which are being used to find your site
  • Gives you the rank, volume and traffic percentage for each keyword

Moz Keyword Explorer – which keywords have the highest volume

  • Supplies monthly volume of keywords
  • Linked keyword suggestions
  • Plus SERP analysis which shows the most popular web pages for those search terms
SEO training for photographers

SEO for Photographers

SEO. The three little letters that often strike fear into the heart of any photographer. How do I do it? What’s it for? Do I really need it? The answer is yes, you do. You can have the most beautiful website in the world but if nobody can find you, there’s no point even having one. SEO often falls to the bottom of any to-do list, and that’s where this Bootcamp can really help. 

Over eight weeks, you’ll collect the skillsstrategies and tools you need to start climbing Google. You’ll have hands-on support from Nina every step of the way. She’ll set you tasks, keep you motivated and inspire you to GET IT DONE

To find when Ninas next course takes place just click the link below to lean more. 



I hope you have found this blog post informative and that it helps you to learn more about SEO for your photography website. If you are interested in Business & Marketing Mentoring or my group workshops please visit here




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