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Facebook ads for photographers course

Learn how to reach your ideal clients with FB & Instagram ads without the guesswork!

Whether you are new to FB & Instagram ads, or you have run campaigns in the past, you can’t get the results in 2023 as you did in 2024 by doing the same.  Why?


1. Ad design needs to be more engaging and exciting to cut through

2. Understanding and testing audiences is critical for success

3. Meta is evolving and using AI – understanding this is key

This Facebook ads training for photographers is for you if…

1. You want to start running FB or Instagram ads but you don’t know where to start?


2. You are tired of creating ads and not understanding why they don’t work!

3. You know you need to improve your ad text and design but want clear direction on how to do it better

4. You haven’t fully tested the different audiences and are not sure how to.

Facebook adverts for photographers

This course includes:


11 videos so you can work through the course step-by-step. No zoom call or show up times – learn when it works for you and rewatch the content at any time


Free ad text and Canva templates to get you started


Downloadable worksheets to help you whilst you are setting  up your campaigns


This course is for all genres including newborn, family, studio, outdoor, wedding and small business photography

Here’s what photographers who have bought the course have to say

So much about FB ads I didn’t know!

I have run FB ad campaigns in the past and seen little to know clicks and now I realise that I was using totally the wrong audiences to target. I set up the audiences like Nina advised and it immediately improved my results. I am now excited to experiment with different campaigns for my new-born and maternity photos hoots

Sam, family photographer

Verified Buyer

I am only 3 modules into the course and have seen a 80% improvement in my reach costs!

I had no idea how important it was to set up my facebook audiences correctly! I was using cold data using interests and getting terrible reach and click through and since I have made the changes you share its costing me 80% less to reach the same number of people! All that wasted budget I wish I had found this course earlier! 

Karen, baby photographer

Verified Buyer

Love the free Canva templates

I’m loving the course. The audience stuff is blowing my mind!! So cool. Thank you so much for figuring this all out for us and supplying the free Canva templates! Now its so much easier for me to get my ads up and running quickly 😊

Kate, family photographer

Verified Buyer

Facebook Ads for Photographers
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Facebook advertising for photographers

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I be spending on FB ads?

This is a great question and something photographers ask me all the time. Personally I spend between £5 to £10 a day and once I start to see significant results I then scale my budget. 

Do I need to have FB Pixel?

To properly track your results, yes ideally you need to install FB Pixel. You can still run ads without it but you cannot track your results or retarget visitors. 

Please note this should be possible on all websites BUT we have found that on Pixiesets free website this is not the case and you would need to move to a paid-for version which is approx £8 a month 

Do Facebook ads work for photographers?

Yes, absolutely Facebook adverts can work for photographers if the campaign is targeted well and the creative really resonates with your target audience. This is why I delve into the audiences which have worked best for me and include some free ideas for creative designs to get you started.

Where does Facebook advertising fit as part of the marketing mix?

Understanding how best to use Facebook advertising alongside your other marketing is really important. In this course, I discuss where FB ads fit into the sales funnel but also how it works alongside your website and SEO. 

I am not very good at marketing will I find this course simple?

This course has been created to be consumed in bite sized chunks making it super easy for you to implement one change at a time. The course has no expiry date PLUS when there are any major Meta updates I update the relevant module so you are always up to date.

Can I book a 1-2-1 session with Nina after the course?

If you would like support creating and designing your Facebook adverts I am more than happy to offer a 1-2-1 mentoring session. For details just send me a message via the contact form 

When you learn how Facebook ads work, you will stop believing these myths:

1. You need to spend huge budget to make ads work (not true!)

2. You need an agency or coach to run your ads effectivly. Of course having someone handle all of your ads for you is amazing but not all photographers have the budget to do so.

3. You need high quality super produced videos to make in impact. Clients want genuine real relationships with their photographer so being authentic is key!

Photography training with Nina Mace

Meet your trainer

Hi, I’m Nina – The family photographer & marketing expert behind this Facebook ads for photographers course. I’m recognised throughout the industry as one of the very best people to turn to for photographer training and mentoring for both aspiring and Professional Photographers (I was even named as top Professional Photographer Trainer in the UK by the SWPP). I’ve helped hundreds of people with passion grow their brands, find their ideal model in their chosen industry and clear a path towards running a small business in a way that works for them.

I have managed my own Facebook ads, website and SEO for a decade now – If you want to check me out just search for “photography mentor”.

Here is even more feedback on the Facebook ads for photographers course

I was wasting so much money!!

I have been looking for ways to promote my photography business on Facebook and Instagram and came across Nina’s course as I had seen another photographer friend had booked. Firstly, I didn’t realise how much I didn’t know! From audience set up to ideas on the ad design itself, this has opened my eyes to how much money I was wasting. Thanks again Nina 

Rebecca, wedding photographer

Verified Buyer

” Most importantly, I have got so many more clients with my ads from completing this Facebook advertising course.”

I completed Nina’s Facebook Ad’s course in June of last year and have used it ever since. It’s really got me thinking about the way in which visually my ads look and what wording I should be using – plus I have learnt so much about Facebook Ads and how they work! Most importantly, I have got so many more clients with my ads from completing this Facebook advertising course.

Thanks so much, Nina, for this training; I’m loving that I can recap each time I do an ad to recheck I have everything nailed!

Stacy, Stacy D Photography

Verified Buyer

The best Facebook advertising for photographers course!

I have been on many of Ninas courses including her outdoor photography and SEO course. We chatted at the time about my FB ads and how they were gradually getting less and less effective and she told me about this new course. I made the changes she suggested and have seen a turn around in my results so I am super happy”

Amanda, newborn photographer

Verified Buyer

Nina makes a confusing subject much easier to understand!

Metas business suite is really not the easiest to use and I love that Nina updates the content as and when things change and also that I can refer back to any section of the training at any time! Thanks again Nina for a brilliant course 

Stacy, Stacy D Photography

Verified Buyer