SEO for Photographers course

The step-by-step “SEO for photographers” workshop that revolutionises your site’s visibility and attracts more of the clients you really want

SEO for photographers

SEO for photographers. The three little letters that often strike fear into the heart of any photographer. How do I do it? What’s it for? Do I really need it?.

The answer is yes, you do. You can have the most beautiful website in the world but if nobody can find you, there’s no point even having one. SEO often falls to the bottom of any to-do list, and that’s where this Bootcamp can really help. 

Seo for photographers testimonial
Seo for photographers testimonial
SEO for photographers testimonial
SEO for photographers
SEO for photographers testimonial

What do you get on the SEO for Photographers course?

Over eight weeks, you’ll collect the skills, strategies and tools you need to start climbing Google. You’ll have hands-on support from Nina every step of the way. She’ll set you tasks, keep you motivated and inspire you to GET IT DONE. I will answer all your big questions such as “What are good keywords for photographers”, “Can I do SEO by myself?” (the answer is yes!) and “What platform is best for photographers?”



Live training sessions


Every two weeks, Nina will present live to everyone who signed up for the Boot Camp. She will offer training on a specific area and set simple yet effective tasks for the coming two weeks. 

If you can’t attend live, the modules will be immediately available to re-watch and will be accessible whenever you need them. 


A private facebook community 


For the entire 8 weeks, you will be a member of a private community, allowing you to ask questions and share your wins as we progress through the SEO workshop together. 

Nina (and her network of trusted experts) will be available to answer any questions Monday to Friday within this private group.

Photography training with Nina Mace


SEO course for photographers online

A team of photographers behind you


Nina has seen first-hand the power of having a community to support business growth, so you will work alongside other photographers who have got your back.

From sharing content ideas, to cheering one another on, this course will utilise a team’s power to keep everyone focused.

” I rank 1st for close to 100 target keywords and now I want to help you to do the same”

“But I’m worried I have purchased photography courses in the past and never got round to doing them!” 

We have all done this (including Nina), so this is why this SEO course has been developed differently. Nina will be working alongside you for the entire 8 weeks so you will never be left unsupported or without help.  The winning combination of live sessions, private Facebook groups, support from your fellow members plus two weeks to work on each module means it’s easier than ever before to get the most out of this Bootcamp, while still working full time as a photographer. It’s designed to fit into your schedule.

SEO for photographers course

the next SEO course  begins MONDAY 4th SEPTEMBER 2023 – join below

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My next course begins in September 2023 but if you would like to get started on improving your SEO now then my guide will give you a head start!





Free SEO guide for photographers

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Samantha Leon
Since mentoring with Nina, my SEO has improved dramatically. My website went from being on page 6+ of a Google search to jump to first place! This is ... Read More
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SEO for photographers

So who is Nina the SEO workshop leader?

Hi, I’m Nina – The family photographer behind the SEO for photographers Visibility Bootcamp. I’m recognised throughout the industry as one of the very best people to turn to for photographer training and mentoring for both aspiring and Professional Photographers (I was even named as top Professional Photographer Trainer in the UK by the SWPP). I’ve helped hundreds of people with passion grow their brands, find their ideal model in their chosen industry and clear a path towards running a small business in a way that works for them.

I have managed my own website and SEO for a decade now – If you want to check me out just search for “photography mentor”.

By the end of the 8 weeks, you’ll have complete and thorough understanding of the world of SEO for photographers and it will no longer seem a foreign language. This is so much more than an online course: it’s a hand-on practical workshop that will revolutionise your business. This SEO training is ideal no matter your level & previous Google experience 

You are totally NEW to SEO

What even is SEO? Some nautical term..?

The world of websites and SEO for photographers’ websites is an alien language to you. You’d like a crystal clear, structured course. You’d like to always have someone on hand to answer any questions you have, no matter how silly (hint: there’s no such thing as a silly question when it comes to SEO).


You have DABBLED in SEO

“I know some things but not all of the things…”

You have a mid-level of understanding of some of the areas you need to work on in order to reach the summit of Mount Google. You might feel a little overwhelmed: what should you be working on? And in what order? And have you missed something? I can answer all of these questions and more.

You are a PRO but need some help to get it done!

“I know my stuff but never get round to doing it!…”

You’re well-read on the subject and know your meta from your Yoast BUT you struggle to find the time you need to do it well.  You have a million blogging ideas but just never get around to writing them.

You want to be part of a team that will push you to get it all done.

Details of what is included in each module of the SEO course for Photographers

Module 1 – Search volume & keywords for photographers

Understand the nuts and bolts of website and google business and why it affects your visibility as a photographer

  • Understand HOW to choose and learn which keywords to focus on – SEO for photographers is a specific niche that Nina knows all about. 

  • Getting to know Google Business and why it’s important for your local SEO 

  • Setting your website up for SEO success – what do alt text and meta descriptions really mean?

  • Get acquainted with YOAST (if you’re on WordPress) and learn why it’s so useful

  • Tracking your SEO position for free

Module 2 – Site structure & your clients journey

Learn to review your website objectively, so it is amazing for both your clients and great for your SEO

  • Understanding how your website structure impacts your client’s journey and therefore your SEO
  • Simple ways to improve the SEO scores on your page
  • Get free plug-ins that give crucial insight into what your potential clients are really interested in
  • Benefit from live Q&A sessions on site structure
  • Learn about Fetch as Google – a Google Search Console feature that allows you to simulate how your published web page looks to Google. Learn how to set this up and how it can be a total game-changer.

Module 3 – Website authority

Learn how Google uses signals to decide how relevant your site is when clients are searching.

  • Get to grips with backlinks and understand their impact on your visibility

  • Equip yourself with strategies for getting real and valuable links to your website

  • Take our 14-day challenge to create backlink opportunities

Module 4- Blogging for photography SEO success

A comprehensive education in effective blogging. You’ll learn all there is to know about the art form and build a blogging plan that works for you.

  • Learn what makes a great blog and how to execute a great topic that your clients will be keen to read
  • Discover ‘evergreen blogs’ and why they work so well
  • Brainstorm ideas for how to create micro-content for all your socials using your blogs
  • Get your head around Canva and how to use it to make your content look incredible
  • Meet copywriters who can write you some irresistible content (if you need them)
  • Take our 14-day challenge to create and share some amazing new content for your brand

Course starts in








What exactly will i get when I purchase?

The day before the course begins, you’ll be sent a link to the private community. You’ll also be sent a calendar reminder of the four live session dates so you can pop these in the diary. Live sessions will take place at 7pm GMT but will also be recorded and kept as units within the group so you can access them at a time that suits.

Can I join this course if I am a Trainer or Mentor myself?

This SEO for photographers course is for personal use only so I am afraid anyone who mentors or trains in business or marketing , or who plans to in the next 2 years, is unable to attend.

What exactly will i get when I purchase?

The day before the course begins, you’ll be sent a link to the private community. You’ll also be sent a calendar reminder of the four live session dates so you can pop these in the diary. Live sessions will take place at 7pm GMT but will also be recorded and kept as units within the group so you can access them at a time that suits.

What are good keywords for Photographers?

I am often asked what good keywords for photographers are, and this makes up Module 1 of the SEO course. We dig into your location’s keywords relevant to your business and work out the right strategy for you! Keywords can include photographer, photography, photo studio and also considers your town and County. 

How do I get my photography website noticed?

The reason we work on our SEO (Search engine optimization) is to increase our photography business visibility. We spend time (and money!) creating these beautiful sites to showcase our work but none of this matters unless potential clients are seeing it! 

I don't have a lot of extra time - how long will this take?

We totally get it! It’s hard running a photography business while keeping on top of your admin, marketing and life stuff. This is why there are two weeks between modules so you can plan time into your diary over those fourteen days to deliver what we discuss in each module.

Do i need to be on a wordpress website?

Having a WordPress site is ideal but all the principles of the modules apply to all websites, including Squarespace, Wix etc.

What are the common mistakes in SEO?

Google reviews that are negative, a slow-loading website, and faulty Google My business verification code, a lack of location-specific pages, duplicate content, broken images with missing alternative text, out-of-date information on the site, a website that is not mobile-optimised, and more.

When does the course start?

The next SEO course for photographers starts in Sprint 2023. The live sessions take place on a Monday evening but are available for rewatching for the entire 8 weeks.

What are the 4 main components of SEO?

What are the four essential elements of an SEO?

To enhance a brand’s search results, knowing and comprehend each of the four primary SEO components is essential. Each element complements and develops upon the others. The more tightly each of the four SEO components—technical SEO, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and content—is connected, the better the outcome.

How do photographers get backlinks?

How to get backlinks is covered in Module 3 of this online course. Understanding domain authority and follow and no follow is all part of the training, and I will get you started on your backlink journey. 

What is it like to work with Nina?

Nina is an experienced Surrey family photographer and you are in safe hands.

She will make sure the shoot is lots of fun and will have considered the best location for you and your family.

What if you need to cancel?

Once you’ve committed to the course, refunds will not be available. But please note: if you are unwell with Covid, the course content remains in the group for six months so you can catch up at any time. Full terms and conditions can be found here but if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Photographer who teaches SEO to other photographers

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Photography training with Nina Mace

See what the photographers from the SEO course have to say about their Google ranking!

I recently attended Nina’s SEO for Photographers course.  I have been putting this off as I felt it would be too advanced for me or the info would go over my head.  However, I am so happy I bit the bullet and booked.  Nina is an amazing teacher – she has a wealth of knowledge and is happy to share.  She is very personable and so I never feel like I can’t ask a question – she is always happy to explain again if needed.  Nina also breaks everything down into bit size chunks so it is really easy to understand.  I feel Nina really cares about what she is delivering and really wants to make a difference to each photographers business.  I have a clear picture of where my website needs developing, where my business is going and how to get it to the next stage.  I would highly recommend Nina to anyone wanting to discover the wonderful world of SEO. Thank you Nina – I will be booking onto other courses too.   Nikki x

Nikki Sheffield

Professional Photographer, www.nikkisheffieldphotography.co.uk

At last, a course that really pushes your SEO further! Only half way through and I have learnt new skills and have a better understanding of how my photography website should be performing. Knowledge I can implement myself and continue to improve long after the course has finished. Nina is an excellent trainer and guides you gently through what can be a very overwhelming subject.


Professional Photographer, www.victorialabouchardiere.com

Since completing the SEO course with Nina my keyword visibility has gone from 29% to 82% and I have now been given the tools to take this further. The course is set out brilliantly with sessions every 2 weeks and specific tasks to complete in-between. All the sessions are recorded so you can watch them several times and you are given checklists to keep you on track. The best part is that you are added to a private SEO Facebook group where you can ask Nina any queries for 8 weeks – completely invaluable. Nina is extremely generous with her time and knowledge and you get the feeling she really wants you to succeed. I cannot rate this course highly enough and would recommend anyone who finds SEO confusing and frustrating (as I did) to sign up

Kate McAllister

Professional Photographer, https://katemcallisterphotography.com/

Just wanted to share a win from what I have learnt so far on Nina’s SEO for Photographers course. My home page has always ranked well but I didn’t really understand what I was doing. Now I actually know what I’m doing and I’m optimising my core pages and I’m now ranking No 1 for my homepage AND number 2 for my newborn page. Slowly but surely I’m getting this stuff!


Professional Photographer

I have completed about 50% of each task but I can already see some good stats already compared to last month since starting on this SEO course. This makes me think when I do complete 100% of all the tasks I will see even better results. I have seen a 130% increase in active leads and I am glad I signed up for this. Thank you Nina Mace


Professional Photographer

I am so pleased I finally found Ninas SEO for Photographers Course and have learnt to do this myself now! I spent thousands with an SEO agency and now realise that even the fundamentals were incorrect as they did not know the market. Their recommend photography SEO keyword list was far too generic, and they made little gain. They also offered no advice on the best photography website for SEO so I ended up using a website that I now have to change. If you are thinking of joining this course I would just say book it now! 


Professional Wedding Photographer

I’ve learned so much in so little time! I’ve been putting off this course thinking I could learn from online hubs and youtube😅 I started but the topic was just so broad it’s really hard where to focus on with regards to photography business. I now know how to use keywords and now understand how blogs work and why people actually create time to make them!😁 I understand now how SEO is so important for any business! I definitely have positive changes in my rankings. I didn’t rank at all before this course! I was NA or 101+🙈. Now I am number 5 in ranking for my target keyword. I even see myself in google maps search🥰.  Thank you so much Nina. This course made SEO easy to understand and focuses on the photography business. Big win indeed!


Professional family photographer

f you’re thinking twice about getting into Nina’s SEO photography course, I say it’s definitely worth it! I initially thought I could learn everything about SEO online but there was too much information and most of them were not relatable to the business. I’m SO pleased I made the decision last minute to get into Nina’s course! The information is straight to the point and is easy to understand. Everything started to make sense! We are just over halfway of the course now and I am already seeing results! From rankings of “NA” to getting into the top 10 of my target keyword! I am truly amazed! I can’t wait to finish and work my way up to the top 3 of Google search! Thank you so much Nina!

Cherry Unite
Guildford family photographer


Professional Photographer, https://pixzaraphotography.com

I just want to give a massive thumbs up to her SEO course. It’s super well organised, and very structured, it’s well explained and easy to follow the steps. the course is in manageable segments, with bi-weekly live sessions in the evening so the kiddies can be sorted ahead, it is all recorded anyway so you can catch up but I do like being on there during the live, it helps get me excited for the weeks ahead. There are plenty of videos to help with each different task, you can ask any questions you wish in a special Facebook group. You have checklists so that when tasks are complete you can feel an immediate sense of achievement as you see the progress you make. You are working alongside peers, I particularly found this weeks peer group work very useful.


Professional Photographer, 3 boys and me photography

I did Nina’s SEO course and it was absolutely fantastic! I found all the lessons really well structured and easy to understand. I really liked the fact that I didn’t feel overwhelmed by information but rather inspired to get through each task. Nina has a brilliant teaching style and I felt supported all the way through. I felt comfortable asking any questions that I had and that Nina took a genuine interest in me personally. My SEO has already made big leaps and I haven’t even done all of the work yet. Thanks for a great course ! Highly recommend!


Photographer , https://www.daniellastaub.co.uk/

WOW! I have just started Nina Mace’s SEO Bootcamp and the amount of information she is providing is amazing! I thought I had a pretty good grasp on SEO but I was clearly wrong. Highly recommend working with her if you have the chance!


Professional Photographer

What I liked best about Ninas SEO Course if that is specifically designed for photographers. She teaches what she knows works and that she has proven she had done herself. I have actually been on the course twice now as she regularly updates on whats happening with Google to make sure we are ahead of the SEO curve! 


Professional Family Photographer

I signed up to Nina’s SEO for photographers course, and I wasn’t sure I would fully understand it and have never done an online course before or any SEO work. I was really worried I would sign up and not learn anything, but I have learnt so much in the last few weeks, and I went from not showing up to number 4. I still have lots to do, but if you are thinking about signing up, I would highly recommend it, and I will be signing up for lots more photography and business courses with Nina in the near future.


Professional Family Photographer, www.laurawhitephotography.com

The term SEO was a foreign language to me and something that was holding me back from getting myself known as a photographer. When people talked to me about website performance, all I could hear was “blah, blah, blah”. I decided to take the plunge and joined the SEO for Photographers January 2023 course that Nina was running. Goodness me, it’s interesting, I understand what she is telling me, and I am seeing the results as I work through the tasks and gain additional support through the Facebook group. Onwards and upwards, and thank you Nina!  

Helen Carter

Professional Photographer, www.helencarterphotography.co.uk

I recently attended Nina’s SEO course, and the course was brilliant! Nina is a fantastic Teacher and she explains the content really well. There is a lot to take in and Nina is always available to answer questions and provide feedback in a private Facebook group for 8 weeks. The course has been really beneficial already, thank you so much! I would highly recommend this course and training with Nina.


Professional Photographer, www.emmajoannephotography.com

Seo for photographers testimonial
Seo for photographers testimonial
SEO for photographers testimonial
SEO for photographers
SEO for photographers testimonial
help with website for photographers
SEO course for photographers