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Thank you for visiting Nina Mace Photography mentoring  and training page. I work with both established and aspiring professional photographers to mentor and support them in the growth of their business. My Photography Mentoring sessions are tailored to your needs and it will be bespoke to your business. The aim is to give you a clear sense of strategy, and a list of tasks, to move forwards. I openly share how I have built my business and how I balance being a full-time Mum and Part Time photographer. On my sessions (which take place in Camberley, Surrey) we work together to understand how to grow yours in a way that fits with your vision and style. To see what my current clients say, please see my testimonials below. Our mentoring session can cover;

  • Photography Pricing and products that work for your business model
  • How to navigate social media (Google +, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) to drive more of the right type of customers.
  • Building your portfolio including mock up photo shoots.
  • Portfolio reviews over Skype helping you to target what to work on next to grow your photography
  • Blogging and how to make it work for you.
  • Developing your brand and how to find a designer within your budget.
  • Brand & Marketing including driving word of mouth and press coverage
  • Marketing tools and strategies for photographers
  • Developing your website in a cost effective way
  • Getting the shot & editing in ACR or Photoshop
  • Watching me shoot and how I photograph families and children
  • Developing your photography style and looking at how to make your work more instantly recognisable.

I also blog about frequent subjects which I cover in my mentoring sessions and if you have any suggested topics feel free to contact me below. * Please note all my mentoring sessions take place during the week Monday to Friday.

Photography Mentoring Nina Mace
Photography Mentoring from SWPP nominated professional trainer

Hourly Skype Sessions

1 hour
  • 1 hour Skype or in person session, focused on your goals. Covering one topic in depth: Effective Google Adwords, Social Media, Pricing, Reaching the right clients, Portfolio Review, Website review as examples

Half Day Mentoring

10am - 2pm
  • An in-person half-day session covering what will have the biggest impact on your photography business 10 am – 2 pm Shooting & Editing OR Marketing & Business * Please note additional costs may be charged for extra mileage

NEW 2-2-1 Sessions

Half day
  • 2-2-1 Mentoring days. Available as a half or full day for 2 people. The half-day can cover shooting & Editing and a full day also includes a Business & Marketing review and bespoke action plan to get your business moving in 2017/18.
Photography Mentoring with Nina Mace

Since starting out on my photography journey Nina has been one of my favourite photographers.  Her style is vibrant, full of fun and the bit I love most is it consistently good. I wanted to do the mentoring with Nina to understand how she conducts her location shoots, how she finds the light and finally how she goes about editing her images. I’ve only been on two other courses. Both of these were group courses and were very different from Nina’s mentoring.   I chose the mentoring as opposed to the group session as I wanted to focus on the areas I feel I needed the most help.  Nina tailored our time to do this.  (I also HATE the bun fight it can turn into shooting with lots of other photographers.) What I found most useful is how Nina looks for the light and how she interacts with her clients. Nina’s approach to post processing, culling images, her workflow, the client experience.  There are many things that have started to sink in some weeks later too  i.e. setting my white balance via Kelvin, I’ve been experimenting a lot with this and am really pleased with the results. I would absolutely consider booking again.  I would like to spend more time on the editing.  I’m still struggling to get the curves, white/blacks/mid-tone thing just right (feel like I’m missing a step).  Later in the year when I can invest more time in my business, I would like to take Nina’s business course too.  SEO, Marketing, and my website are some of the things I need to focus on. I have already recommended Nina to friends.   I have some great images for my portfolio and learned a huge amount in a very short space of time.  She also serves a tasty lunch 😉

Charlotte Carter

Photographer, Charlotte Carter Photography

Nina’s Photography Mentoring style is very relaxed, so personal and very real.  I recently invested a lot of money with a business coach and feel that it wasn’t personalised at all.  I came away from that session with the coach feeling deflated.  I left Nina feeling elated and excited about my business again and the possibility of where it could go.  What I found most useful was my photography style changed in the first 5 minutes of shooting.  The technique for looking for light has completely changed how I shoot.  Then, the editing techniques have seemed to make my process a lot more vibrant and saturated with colour – more akin to my style.  I would like to do a workshop at some point to see how Nina shoots and to experience a full session with her.  More importantly, I would like to book in a 121 session  with Nina to see how we can grow our business to be a lot more busy.  I will be following up with more bespoke training on a one to one session and would love to join a workshop. I would definitely recommend Nina to any photographers out there looking to change their photographic style, editing techniques or general business development – Nina has all the answers!

Stephanie Cronin

Professional Photographer , Summers Photography

I had admired Nina’s children’s photography for a long time and wanted to learn more about how she shot and edited. Nina’s training was a lovely mix of creative/technical side of things as well as the business side. I hadn’t expected to cover the business side as much as we did, but it was actually really useful and I have some great ideas for transforming my business. I would absolutely consider booking again.  In this next session I would like to continue to focus on the business side – probably in 6 months when my youngest starts full-time school, also some feedback on images having taken on board your creative tips and techniques.  Nina is so generous with her time and knowledge – I have come away from our mentoring session with lots of new creative techniques and ideas, as well as plans to transform my business. If anyone is considering Photography Mentoring with Nina, I would highly recommend it!!

Abi Moore

Professional Photographer , Photography by Abi Moore

I booked Nina having seen the quality of her work though the Guild of Photographers IOM and your Photographer of the Year title. In addition her comments on various marketing topics in the Guild FB page and the Business of Photography FB page made me think to get in touch. My first session was really focused on me and my business and had been tailored to my needs. The work Nina put in before the session was massively appreciated and it felt like she really understood where I am and what I need to do to get to where I want. I’m planning on booking  a monthly one hour session to keep me on track. I find working for myself difficult in that I have no one to bounce ideas off and I would benefit from having to complete tasks set before the next session! Overall It was certainly the most comprehensive days training I have done. It covered everything I had requested and we had discussed before hand. I have come away with a clear idea of what I need to do to make my business more successful.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Nina to any photographer – both those starting out in their business or those that are more experienced but struggling in certain areas. Nina’s 1-2-1 mentoring beats any other course/class/training I have done hands down! Not only was Nina very generous with her knowledge but she also highlighted key areas where I could improve my own business – this is something I have found you really don’t get with group training. I will certainly be booking in another session soon!


Professional Photographer , Miranda Walton Photography

I attended a seminar with Nina last year and found her inspirational and very knowledgeable especially with regards to the business and marketing aspects of photography. I found the photography mentoring session very informative and completely tailored to me and my businesses needs. I found our discussion around where I should be spending my money for advertising and marketing and how to produce effective blog posts, linking traffic back to the website the most useful element. I would definitely book another session to work on any areas of concern will be invaluable to the business and accelerate growth. Nina also came up with lots of really useful ideas for linking my outdoor work to my studio photography and went through lots of ideas which I hadn’t considered with regard to marketing.


Family Photographer, Precious Imagery

I booked a mentoring session with Nina to help me with marketing activity as I have a tendency to procrastinate. My to do list is so long and I needed some focus. What I liked about Nina’s training was how personalised it was to my business and I especially got a lot out of the discussion around Google +. I am really pleased with what we covered in my first session and I have already recommended her to 5 other photographers”.


Shooting Star Photography ,

I booked a 1-2-1 Photography Mentoring session with Nina to learn more about the business side of photography, ideas for my branding and marketing as well as to get tips from one of the best! Compared to other training it was 1 on 1, relaxed and very inspirational. The most useful part of the session for me was when we discussed how to go about defining my brand and how to build traffic to my website and convert customers. I would definitely consider  booking again to do some training centred around family and child photography itself. I would also happily recommend Nina for her  clear, concise and relaxed training, it was exactly what I had hoped for. Top Mentoring for photographers!


Helen Hoffman Photography ,

I booked Nina as I wanted to gain confidence in being able to get my images to the next level, with a particular focus on children and families, shooting both indoors and outdoors I really enjoyed working with Nina. I’ve worked with mentors before where they end up taking over on shoots, and as a result you don’t get as much from it. Nina was great to work with and it really opened my eyes to a different way of working.  It was really good to see how Nina works so quickly and effortlessly to get fabulous results, from building a rapport with her subjects through to producing the final edits of the work. She was a real inspiration and I’ll be getting further mentoring but this time focusing on the business side of things. I would efinitely consider booking again to cover business and marketing without a shadow of a doubt. My only criticism is that I would have liked the session to have lasted longer, but that was only because I enjoyed it so much! Nina is a great teacher / mentor and a real inspiration If you’re looking for a mentor and want to take your images to the next level, I would whole heartedly recommend Nina.

Mrs R.

South East Family Photographer

I had a Photography Mentoring session with Nina, to focus more on my approach to finding light. Nina is really lovely to work with and very encouraging, and you really feel that she wants you to improve. I’ve recently worked with another photographer who’s work I admire but felt that session was more about them and what they do, but with Nina, at all times she was talking to me about how I can improve. I feel very inspired to really push my images forward this year and I would really like to have another session with Nina to discuss more about composing my images and lighting Thank you Nina, you have sparked something in me 🙂

Lynette Brown

Professional Photographer , Playful Heart

After hearing so many good things about Nina and her mentoring from my photographer friends, I decided to book a session with her to help me with my business. Not only does she give advice on how to improve your photography, she also tailor strategies to get your business to the next level. I am sure that I will get where I want to be thanks to Nina’s help and I’m already looking into booking a photography workshop with her!

Sandra Cullen

Professional Photographer

I’ve followed Nina in the shadows as such for a long time and have always been impressed with not only how knowledgeable she is in both the art of photography and the business/marketing side of things – but also how she is very open with the knowledge she’s gained and always comes across as friendly and personable.  Not at all intimidating.  I found the Skype session to be the best way forward as its more relaxed and friendly and we focused on Mastering the art of Google plus. I would definitely consider booking a session again this time focusing on Google Adwords.  Highly Recommended Mentoring for photographers

Sarah Morris

Professional Photographer , Sarah K Morris Photography

Picking up my first ‘Turning Pro’ magazine a few months back turned out to be a really positive thing in that that was where I discovered Nina who was featured in one of the articles. Starting out as a freelance photographer I emailed her for advice and straight away she was there to help. From advice on how to structure my website to photography tips which helped me take my photographs to the next level, Ninas Photography Mentoring has definitely been a big help. Thank you Nina!

Shane Mitchell

Professional Photographer

“I booked a Photography Mentoring session with Nina after seeing her talk at Photohubs. I found the talk very inspiring and jammed packed with useful information. I decided last year that I wanted to seek professional mentoring and this confirmed Nina would be the right person. Compared to other training I felt like Nina had obviously taken the time to investigate and research my business and I think this helped maximise the time we had in the session. I found the whole session valid and useful, particularly my pricing. I finished my session feeling revitalised and had a clear vision of what my next steps are. Nina is very easy going and very engaging, this coupled with her expertise and experience I would pass on her details to anyone that needs clarity in their photography business ”


Family Photographer, Lux Photography

I chose to book a photography mentoring session with Nina because I needed guidance on the next step for my business and sound business and marketing advice. I walked away so happy, buzzing with excitement and Nina answered every question and more that I needed answers for. I found the advice on my brand and how to expand it to reflect me the most useful and would 100% book again. I would recommend Nina because she is so professional, great, chatty, puts you at ease and a perfect mentor and an awesome photographer so you respect her opinion.


Family Photographer, Kika Mitchell Photography

I booked a Photography Mentoring session with Nina because of the rave reviews from other photographers on Facebook.  I always go back and forth on booking a mentor or a training course.  I’m not a beginner in photography, there are always areas for improvement.  Especially when it comes to marketing.  It’s hard to find group courses that would fit my needs.  Since Nina offered 1-2-1 I decided to quit stalling and just book. 1-2-1 was definitely the way to go for me.  I haven’t had any other courses on marketing or business planning so am unable to compare.  But I can say Nina is very knowledgeable and completely transparent with her strategy and teaching.  We live relatively close to each other; I wasn’t sure if that would be a problem for getting help marketing myself.  I was very surprised at the level of advice I received.  She shared everything with me. Nina’s session wasn’t what I was expecting…. It’s hard to articulate, BUT when I left, I felt great about my business plan and the direction I wanted to take it in.  I felt REALLY excited about the new year and new plan.  After my first visit, I wanted to put Nina on retainer!  I LOVE NINA!  She also provided some valuable help with website SEO and driving traffic to my page. Nina has a great personality.  I clicked with her right away, which is so important when working in a creative field and hell yes I would recommend her! She kicks ass.

Johanna Birch

Hampstead Photographer , Johanna Birch Photography

I choose to book a photography mentoring session with Nina I felt that I needed advice and direction with brand awareness and business support. Her training was much better than expected. I was particularly impressed with how she had taken the time to do appropriate background research before the session. I will recommend her to other professional photographers and have already done so. I know other photographers who would benefit from Nina’s guidance.

John Ferrett

John Ferrett Dog Photographer , John Ferrett Dog Photography

Just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you for your mentoring day. I really learnt a lot and feel empowered to really push my photography business forward. You were so understanding and helpful especially as you can relate to where I am!

Hannah Buckland

Family Photographer, Hannah Buckland Photography

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