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Surrey, UK

  Welcome, I’m Nina

I’m recognised throughout the industry as one of the very best people to turn to for photographer training & mentoring for both aspiring and Professional Photographers (I was even named as top Professional Photographer Trainer in the UK by the SWPP).

I’ve helped hundreds of photographers improve their outdoor family photography, and have watched with excitement as they have seen major growth in their images and style.

If you want to spend more time photographing families outdoors and confidently navigate new locations, then keep reading while I tell you all about my family photography workshops.

best photography mentor

Outdoor photography embraces ever-changing backgrounds and space for families to roam free.  Our incredible seasons, & unpredictable weather, mean we need to be prepared for every eventuality.  This is why on my 1-day workshop we cover:

1. Light

We shoot from high sun (midday/early afternoon) to sunset so you learn how to create beautifully lit images no matter the time of day. We talk top shade, backlight, shooting into the sun you name it!

The training is hands on and practical so you work alongside me to create images that you can go on to use within your portfolio. 

Outdoor photography training

2. Composition

Being on a small group workshop (max 8 people) allows you time to slow down and get the composition right in camera – my mantra is get it as close to your ideal image from the moment you press the shutter!

The end goal is no cropping and as little Photoshop work as possible saving you time! 

in-camera success

3. Natural posing

See how I work with families, different aged children (and sometimes dogs!) to pose them in a way that doesn’t feel posed!

Learn my go-to setups which I use  to create an extensive gallery for my clients to choose from.

Posing families

before and after editing example photography training
Outdoor family photography workshop and outdoor family photography training

What happens on the day of the family photography workshop?

Classroom learning 

Before we begin shooting we discuss the theory of outdoor photography which covers everything from colour theory to camera settings. You leave with a bound copy of the presentation so you can come back and reference what we discussed at any time. I also supply amazing snacks and fabulous coffee 🙂

Shooting session one  

After the presentation, we head out on our first shooting session. We look at how to photograph outside of golden hour as so many of us will photograph families with younger children. You will be shooting alongside me the entire time and I will be there for 1-2-1 feedback.

Shooting session two

We then break for food and drinks to refuel and then head out on our second shooting session which finishes at sunset. I choose 2 different locations and we have different models so you had a wide variety of images. Session 2 models tend to be older children and I often try to include a dog too!

Editing tips

After the workshop, you are invited to a private FB group where I share my before and after edits. This is especially interesting to see all 8 photographers editing styles and again helps you to find YOUR style.

This is the family photography workshop for you if are ;



An aspiring or professional photographer who wants to grow their outdoor photography skills



Looking to leave a workshop with a portfolio if images that you are confident you could replicate on your own



Wanting for a trusted trainer who has been in the business for years and who still runs a successful family photography business

Details of my next family photography workshop

Thursday July 4th 2024

6 hours of hands on practical training to take your photography to that next level

Camberley, Surrey

The workshop takes place in and around Camberley park and woodland


Includes classroom learning, 2 shoots, lunch & drinks 

Sounds like the family photography workshop for you?

You can either book online today or send me a message with any questions which I am more than happy to answer (including if you want to add your name to the waitlist for upcoming dates)

I’m ready to book

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Nina’s family photography has been featured in :

The day course was a great insight to outdoor photography. As I have only ever been used to studio work I wanted to gain more knowledge on how to shoot outdoors. The training was very relaxed and in a beautiful location. I was unsure how I would find it but I now feel more confident to take more photos outdoors and I am really enjoining putting into practice what we all learnt. Thanks for a fab day!

Sarah Hunt Middup 
Sarah Hunt Middup

Having admired Nina from afar for some time I was finally able to attend one of her group workshops. With only 6 photographers present we all had lots of time to ask questions and to take photographs. Prior to the course, I felt that my images were lacking something to give them that "wow" factor. During the family photography workshop, I had a number of light bulb moments and am absolutely amazed at the difference I am now seeing in my work. Nina is incredible, she openly shares her knowledge, provides lots of guidance and explains everything in a clear way - no jargon! If you are considering training with Nina, do it! It is worth every penny, I promise you will not be disappointed.

Julie Grant 
Julie Grant

Amazon location, a huge amount of classroom-based training crammed into an otherwise full afternoon of shooting into the golden hour. Everything was organised perfectly by Nina, the models, location, training aids. I want to do it all again!

Ginny Tarelli 
Ginny Tarelli

I had admired Nina’s children’s photography for a long time and wanted to learn more about how she shot and edited. Nina’s training was a lovely mix of the creative/technical side of things as well as the business side. I hadn’t expected to cover the business side as much as we did, but it was actually really useful and I have some great ideas for transforming my business. I would absolutely consider booking again.  In this next session I would like to continue to focus on the business side – probably in 6 months when my youngest starts full-time school, also some feedback on images having taken on board your creative tips and techniques.  Nina is so generous with her time and knowledge – I have come away from our mentoring session with lots of new creative techniques and ideas, as well as plans to transform my business. If anyone is considering Photography Mentoring with Nina, I would highly recommend it!!

Abi Moore  
Abi Moore

Top questions about my family photography training

What happens if it rains on the day of the training?

I actually like it to rain for a short time on the day of the workshop! Photographing families in the UK means its best to learn to embrace all weathers and we are generally lucky that if its going to rain there will be breaks in the weather. Some of the most incredible sunsets are straight after rain! 

How many photographers have I trained?

I have been running photography training for over 10 years now and have worked with thousands of photographers. I have also photographed hundreds of families and still work as a family photographer with clients in and around the Camberley area. 

Is a photography degree worth it?

Thi sis a question I am often asked and its important to know that you can become a professional photographer in the UK without a degree. That said if you really wish to learn as much as possible about photograpy including shooting on film and using studio lighting this would be covered in a degree. 

How long does it take to train to be a photographer?

Photography is requires a variety of skills and every photographer is always learning and growing. Based on the photographers I have worked with I would estimate around 2-3 years to really hone your photography and editing skills. Alongside this you should focus on growing your business and marketing skills as I would say this is around 80% of your job when running a photography business

Is 30 years too old to become a photographer?

Absoluetly not! I retrained as a photographer after I had my children in my 30’s and have developed a very successful family photography and training business.  Photography is ageless 🙂 

Do photographers make good money?

In an effort to answer every question I am asked on my photography traning days this question does come up! The answer is yes you can make a very good living from becoming a photographer but I would take some guidance from a mentor who has been a photographer for many years so you avoid all the pitfalls and focus on the training that really matters. 

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