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Hi, My name is Nina – I’m a photographer and marketing training based in the UK. 

I work with an amazing community of beginner and professional photographers and I am often asked who is best for newborn photography training and do I know of any FREE TRAINING that I could share? 

So here is my compilation of top free training for beginner new-born photographers – I hope you find it useful! 





1. Maddy Rogers Newborn Training. 

Maddy Rogers ANPS is one of the leading figures in the Newborn Photography industry in the UK.

A pioneer in newborn safety posing in the UK, and the first to run newborn posing workshops in the UK, Maddy is also the ONLY newborn photographer accredited with The National Photographic Society – for which is now safe posing advisor.

Incredibly she is offering her video of “how to do a really good base wrap” which is normally £29 at 100% discount if you use code NINA100MR


100% discount code for newborn training
Free newborn photography training videos
Free newborn photography training videos

2. Kelly Brown Newborn Photographer

Kelly is a world renowned newborn photographer, who has been specialising in portrait photography for over 17 years. Kelly is a Grand Master of WPPI and a Fellow of SWPP.

In 2017 she launched an online education platform dedicated to new-born training but also offers a FREE content for her YouTube subscribers. It’s a great way to sample her training if you are considering joining her platform.

Free training for baby photographers

3. Ana Brandt Photographer 

Ana Brandt is a Professional Maternity and Newborn Photographer in California

She has been a Professional Photographer for over 23 years and a global educator for over 14 years.

Her Youtube Channel includes videos on how to use AI to create textured backgrounds, editing and newborn posing tips. 

Adding texture into a background
Newborn photographers on Youtube

4. The Swaddle Pro and The Profitable Studio By Michelle Brewster

Michelle’s Youtube channel is there to serve as inspiration for all things maternity and newborn photography! From what you should be doing to grow a successful photography business, to how to use props to create better photos, shes here to  offer advice. 

Some of the best FREE Training on her channel includes wrapping and posing tutorials which are over an hour long so you really get to see behind the scenes.


baby photography tips
free newborn posing videos
Do you need qualifications to be a newborn photographer?

There is no official qualification that a newborn photography needs to run a baby photography business but I would always recommend asking the following.

– Have they had any newborn safety training?

– Is their business fully insured?

– How many years experience do they have in the newborn photography industry?


How do I start taking newborn photos?

Starting a newborn photography business is a very exciting time and here are my top tips:

1. Learn lighting. 

At the heart of all great newborn photography is lighting. Look through the Youtube Channels mentioned above and watch as many lighting vidoes as possible. 

2. Learn posing 

Newborn posing is tricky but very rewarding. Do some research into the poses you love and look for training in these. There are dolls that you can purchase to practice your lighting and posing before working with real babies. 

3. Learn about newborn safety 

You are holding the most precious gift in your hands when photographing newborns so safety should be paramount. Maddy Rogers (UK) and Kelly Brown (Global) offer safety training and this is a must!