Last month I photographed a number of my favourite groups and singers at Koko in London. The show was a mixture of artists from the UK and USA including Rough Copy (who first came to our attention on X Factor), J Holiday and Day 26.

Dj Koko

The set started with a DJ warming up the crowd and then first to the stage were Rough Copy. I’m a big fan of this group who have outstanding vocals but who can also really move! Some of my favourite images are shown below and make sure you check out their new single Same Formula which can be pre-ordered on iTunes here

Rough Copy Same Formula   Rough Copy Street Love   Rough Copy live music photos   Rough Copy gig photos

Rough Copy Koko


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Next up on stage was J Holiday most well know for his massive song Bed.

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J holiday koko

j holiday live in uk

J holiday hat

J  holiday

Finally I stayed around to photograph Day 26, one of my favourite R&B groups from the US. They were originally put together by P Diddy and have had some huge hits.

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Day 26 gig UK

Day 26 reunion

Day 26 Koko