What an exciting month – My husband took me on a surprise holiday to New York! He has earnt some brownie points that’s for sure :-). All I knew is we were going away for 4 days…as it turned out even that was a fib as we went for a week and also managed to fit in a couple of days to the Hamptons to see a relative. The weather was kind and we explored all of New York in 4 days. We managed to get to see a Broadway show, Wicked http://www.wickedthemusical.com/ which was probably the best show I have ever seen. I will be honest I was dubious as a show about ‘2 witches’ wasn’t really selling it to me but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

We also visited the Empire State Building , Central Park , The Brooklyn Bridge, took the New York Water Taxi , and made a stop off at FAO Schwarz to go on the giant piano from the movie ‘Big’ and to buy the kids some cool presents. On day 5 I decided to visit B&H photographic which is an infamous store in New York which sells every type of photographers equipment you could imagine. In the store I picked up a lens I’ve been looking to buy for months and took advantage of the US dollar to UK exchange rate. As I was so excited I went straight out to Time Square and sat for 20 minutes testing it out. The lens has incredible zoom and I loved the fast no-one noticed me taking photos. See my Time Square photos below…instalment 2 of my trip around NY and the Hamptons to follow. Enjoy 🙂

Hemel Hempstead photographer in New YorkTime Square new york Times Square Naked cowboy in NY Times Square