I have been all around the UK this year with my Children’s Photography Training and my last course of the year was held in Glasgow. As a treat to myself I took an extra day to do some shopping and indulge in a little bit of street photography.

The day of my photography workshop it was glorious sunshine but the following day it started raining when I got up and didn’t stop all day!

That said wet weather can make for more really fun images and I enjoyed sitting on a kerb right next to a huge puddle just watching people try to avoid getting soaked.

I also visited Glasgows Museum of modern art which was really inspiring. I didn’t quite know where it was so I asked a local (who was incredibly friendly – the city is full of amazing helpful people) who said to follow my way along the main street to the statue with a cone on his head…  (see below the entrance to GOMA)


Glasgow street photography


Here are a few of my favourite images taken in the rain – all shot on my Canon 5diii with a 50 1.4mm lens. I actually switched my camera into black and white as I find it great training when looking for contrast. I also deliberately shot some images with a slower shutter speed (around 1/25th of a second) to help my subjects remain anonymous but also to retain that feeling of movement.


Glasgow street photography

street 3

street 4

street 7


street 5

street 6