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Best free GCSE revision channels
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Hi, My name is Nina – I’m a family photographer, trainer and mum of 2 children who are in secondary school.

My son took his GCSEs this year, and my daughter will soon follow in his footsteps, so I wanted to share some of the fantastic free resources that we found that helped when revising for his GCSEs.

Like most kids, my son likes to consume video content to learn. Short, well-explained videos that finish with revision materials like mind maps became a staple of his revision technique. He also focused on past papers and checked his progress using the mark schemes.

This is our list of all the free GCSE revision resources we found (some you can purchase extras, and I will let you know if and how we bought these) if you have a child coming up to GCSEs.

I would also love to hear of any others that you find, as I will add these to the list for when my daughter hits year 10.

Enjoy, and I hope you find these as helpful as we did!


1. Hannah Kettle Maths 

Coming in at number 1, the best free resource we found was the Hannah Kettle Maths channel on TikTok. She is the Secondary Head of Maths & a GCSE Examiner. She does weekly free lessons and past papers the and covers foundation and higher papers.  She also has a vibrant channel of mini videos covering specific topics and is very good at explaining complex maths.  We also really liked the predicted papers she shared before the exams.

As GCSEs get closer, she offers additional sessions to subscribers for only £10 a month, and they are worth every penny. We cannot rate this channel highly enough; it played a big part in my son’s final higher maths grade!

Note: Both AQA and Edexcel are included.

Best Free GCSE revision on Tik Tok

2. Primrose Kitten Academy (Science) 

While looking for Science content, we came across Primrose Kitten Academy on YouTube and found this a great free resource.

They are dedicated to helping you succeed in GCSE and A-Level exams. Covering Biology, Chemistry, Maths, English, Psychology, Sociology and Physics. The Teaching Videos are Led by experienced teachers and examiners. These videos simplify even the most complex topics.

The best free videos we found covered the whole of Paper 1 Physics, for example, in a couple of hours – a great final revision session ahead of each exam. 

We also paid for membership the last few months before the exams and bought the predicted papers, which we found very useful. Membership and past paper start from a couple of £.

Best Free GCSE revision on Tik Tok
Best Free GCSE revision on Tik Tok

3. First Rate Tutors – English 

There are some great free tips in short video form on the First Rate Tutors TikTok Page. We mainly used this resource for English Literature to help revise the Shakespear content and quotes.

We found the free channel so helpful that we upgraded to the entire English Literature Course, which covers EVERYTHING you might ever need to get a good grade. The course is broken into mini videos and often ends with a mind map, making revising easy.

We upgraded for £59.99, but we would say this was worth every penny and had an impact on the final grade.

Best Free GCSE revision on Tik Tok
Best Free GCSE revision on Tik Tok

4. Free Science Lessons

A free channel that covers every topic in GCSE Sciences.

As it says on its YouTube channel, “Freesciencelessons is driven by a core belief. Education leads to social mobility. Therefore, every student deserves outstanding teaching, no matter where they live, where they go to school, or how much money they have.

The content is well-organised and straightforward to search for specific topics. The videos also encourage you to try the task before the answer is revealed, so its a bit more interactive.

Best Free GCSE revision on Tik Tok
Best Free GCSE revision on Tik Tok

5. The “GCSE Maths Tutor” 

Another great free GCSE maths resource and my son found the “Whole GCSE in 2 hours” videos a great way to check what he knew well and what he wanted to practice more.

In their own words, “We believe that learning should be accessible to everyone, regardless of financial background, and that’s why we strive to provide high-quality educational content. Our mission is to positively impact the world by helping students achieve their full potential. We specialise in GCSE Maths, and our team of experienced teachers and passionate educators are dedicated to making maths accessible and fun for all. From interactive video tutorials to online quizzes with instant feedback, our platform provides a comprehensive and engaging learning experience.

Best Free GCSE revision on Tik Tok
Best Free GCSE revision on Tik Tok

6. JCgeogsupport – Geography

Finding Geography GCSE content was a little tricker than the core subjects, but we happened upon this YouTube Channel called JC Geogsupport. In her videos, she covers top tips for each paper and some videos on specific topics like hurricanes, development indicators, etc.

All of her content is free, and it was good to have video learning alongside all the books the school provided.

Best Free GCSE revision on Tik Tok
Best Free GCSE revision on Tik Tok

7. Matt Green – the rapping science teacher 

An excellent channel for your kids to follow on TikTok even from year 9 so they end up with science in their feeds.  1-minute rap videos make the content easy to consume and makes it just that little bit more interesting 🙂

Best Free GCSE revision on Tik Tok

8. History with Mr Atkinson

My daughter is opting for History over Geography this year and lots of the tutors I have seen recommend Mr Atkinson on TikTok for revision materials and live lessons. He also has a discord group.

Best Free GCSE revision on Tik Tok

9. The Fxcking Maths Tutor

Probably my favourite bio of all time ” Alright you little pr*cks, let’s do some fxcking maths” 🙂 

He works through examples of maths questions including surds, simultaneous equations and all the other maths techniques that as a parent I have totally forgotten how to do. 

Best Free GCSE revision on Tik Tok

10. Revision Science – link to past papers

Finally, This is where we found copies of the past papers and the mark schemes. It includes past papers from AQA, Edexcel, OCR (Gateway and Twenty First Century), WJEC, CCEA and the CIE IGCSE.