This weekend saw the launch of my Beginners Photography Course in Hemel Hempstead. It’s something I have been thinking about for a while, as I often meet mums and dads who have these fantastic DSLR cameras but they aren’t really sure how to use them. I’ve seen the manuals myself and 300 pages of geeky, technical information, really isn’t that inspiring! So I started writing my course, and focused around the things I wish I had been told when I first started photographing my children.  This was our classroom for the day up at the Boxmoor Trust site in Hemel Hempstead.

Course set up to go

The course covers 4 key areas – the technical and getting to know your camera, learning about light, the fundamentals of composition and how to get great expression from your kids. We worked on getting that lovely blur in the background and here is a great example (taken by a student).

depth of field

My first course had a mix of mums and dads who had some experience with their cameras out of auto vs non at all. We had Canons, Nikons, Olympus and Panasonic brands and lots of different lenses to play with. I even had one attendee who is considering which DSLR to purchase so borrowed my original Canon 500D for the day. Lucky they were such a photogenic bunch 🙂

Beginners Photography Course

The day itself is relaxed, classroom style, with lots of coffee breaks and we went outside for lots of practical exercises to help cement what we had learnt. My attendees are now in a private Facebook group where they can share their work with me and ask any more questions they might have. I have seen some brilliant photos already and cant wait to see what else they come up with.

out in the woods

If you are interested in booking onto my course later in the year (July and August are already sold out) please visit here for more information. Plus if you would like advice on which starter DSLR Camera to purchase you can see my blog post here

” I really liked the fact you used our before pictures for us to compare to as we know the set of room/area and now know what to do differently. I took away so much information and can’t wait to start practicing and it was taught in a simple way (not to much technical language that I wouldnt understand) i would absolutely recommend!!” Sarah, Aylesbury

“A relaxed environment with an intimate group number made it easy to ask questions and get one to one help. Covering all the basics and having to re-visit them over the course of the day really helped it all sink in. Perfect beginners course and I have learnt so much! You defiantly injected the excitement back into our cameras. Thank you!” Sarah, Hertfordshire

“A really practical and hands-on course. Nina provides great advice on how to improve your own photos and teaches you the key points to enable you to understand the basic concepts of photography in a small group. I left the course excited by what I’d learnt and am keen to try out some of the technique when my new lens arrives. Thanks Nina” Sharon, Hemel Hempstead.