An all new Nina Mace Photography

An all new Nina Mace Photography

Over the Summer I have been working with the very talented Melissa Love  to redevelop my brand identity. I looked around at a lot of designers but fell in love with Melissa’s work. We spend weeks delving into what I loved in terms of design, typology, colours and imagery using pinterest boards to start shaping a direction. I wanted my brand to reflect me and my photography – I have fun when working with children, I love photographing outdoors where children and families can run free, and I also like colour and strong lines.  Here is an example of my pinterest board that I started early in the process


Pintrest boards

One of the challenges we faced mid- way in the process was how to keep colour in my brand but in a way that didn’t fight with my colourful photographs. Melissa looked at lots of design options and we finally arrived at a clean, modern, fresh, brand with pops of colour. I am so pleased with the final design – it feels like me and I think it frames my photographs in the best way possible.  So take a look around and I hope you like the new, updated Nina Mace Photography

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