Editing – before and after…

A number of photographers have asked my about my editing style and whether I could share a before and after image. This was taken of my son a couple of weeks ago.  On the left is the image SOOC (straight out of camera) and the right is my edited version. It’s a bit like playing spot the difference :-). There is no substitute for getting the image as right as you can in camera – consider the light, the colours and how they contrast to make the subject stand out, and most importantly remove any obvious distractions. My job is then to ‘clean’ the image up so all you see is the subject. I removed the distracting trees from the background (the most obvious being the white blog at the bottom left of the image), checked  that the post he was leaning on was straight, and even removed the buttons on his shirt. I also did a little work to increase the contrast and warmth and all of this was done in Photoshop. So there you have it a before and after…

Before and after edit Nina Mace Photography

Out in the bluebells at Heartwood Forest

Despite the weather being awful again I’ve managed to get in a couple of trips to the bluebell forest at Heartwood. The first day it was around midday so lots of dappled light (dark and light spots) and the second time was in the evening after school. The sun was in, then out, then in, then out again which meant I got a great variety of differently lit shots. Some of my favourites are shown below I must say that our woods look very pretty at this time of year ( and check out how many teeth my son has lost now!!! thats a lot of gaps 🙂

hotos of children in the bluebells in Heartwood Forest just outside of St Albans