Childrens Photography Workshop London Basingstoke Tunbridge Glasgow

Childrens Photography Workshop London Basingstoke Tunbridge Glasgow

UK Wide Childrens Photography Workshop

Over the last few years I have mentored a number of professional family photographers who want to grow their photography to ensure they are delivering beautiful and impactful images to their clients.  This had led to the growth of my Childrens Photography Workshop program for professionals which now takes place all over the UK from Bristol to Glasgow.  The programme has grown and I now offer 3 courses including:


  • Outdoor Colour & Light Childrens Photography Workshop
  • Advanced outdoor family photography which includes advanced editing
  • Business & Marketing for Photographers which covers branding, marketing, social media, pricing and customer service.
Below are some behind the scenes images from some of 2015 workshops along with images taken by myself and the attendees on the day.

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Colour & Light 101 – Childrens Photography Workshop


This workshop is divided into 2 clear shooting session – mid afternoon when the sun is high and then low sun shooting into golden hour. Over the 5 hours we discussed how to look for beautiful light and environmental backdrops at a new shoot location. The aim of my course is to illustrate how you can deliver well lit shots, no matter the weather, and how it can be achieved without using lots of additional equipment,  which can be difficult to carry and to use with fast moving children.

Tunbridge Wells Childrens Photography Training

Autumn 2015
My  Autumn Tunbridge Wells workshops are run from the stunning Spa Hotel . Not only is the hotel wonderful to photograph around, they have acres of grounds and a lake.  As we headed towards the end of the day it started to get a little cooler so the styling for the day was autumnal with hats, scarves and colourful jackets.

The image of the girl in the white dress (center) was taken right at the end of the day as a shaft of light appeared between the trees. I have shared my before and after edit of this image if you would like to see an example in this blog post here.

Childrens Photography Workshop Tunbridge Wells
Child Photography workshop Tunbridge
Outdoor childrens photography

London Outdoor Workshop

Summer 2015
My London workshops are based in the stunning Hyde Park.   The location I chose to use had a wonderful mixture of small buildings, lakes and beautiful long grass and wooded areas. Again we photographed from mid afternoon right up until sunset and discussed ways to naturally diffuse light and create impactful background using what we had at our disposal.

As the light became softer towards the end of the second session we moved into the long grass. This was one of my favourite images as the light was beautifully soft. Mum hadn’t planned to be in any of the photos but as she was so incredibly photogenic we managed to talk her into it.  We had a great selection of models, both boys and girls and a mix of experienced models and kids new to having their photographs taken.

You can see examples of the images taken by the course attendees below and also some thoughts on how they found they day itself.  The support and learning continues after the course itself in a private Facebook group where I share my editing techniques

“The day was great- I learned new ways of manipulating natural light, got to practise things in real life that I had only read about, picked Nina’s brains about business questions, and met lots of other lovely photographers. And that was just on the day- the advice and feedback on editing after the course from Nina and input from other course members has been brilliant. All in all, a highly recommended Childrens Photography Workshop” – Claire Metcalfe Photography www.claremetcalfephotography.co.uk

“I learnt loads in the first five minutes of Nina speaking. She imparted so much knowledge and know-how I want to go back and do it again to make sure I didn’t miss anything! I’ve gained huge amounts of confidence and can see the improvement in my work straight away. Nina is approachable and willing to answer all questions. The models were gorgeous and I had a fantastic time. Money very well spent! Thank you Nina” www.sianpeters.com

” The most valuable part for me was being shown practically how to position subjects, and how even an inch either way can make a huge difference. That and how to make the most of cloudy, flat light. I’ve also picked up some great hints and tips on post production from the group since the Childrens Photography Workshop”  Rachel Powell  www.lightmonkeyphotography.co.uk.

“I can safely say that Nina’s workshop was one of the best investment I made this year for taking my photography to the next level. I learned invaluable tips on how to position my clients, where to position them depending of the time of day and different light conditions. I would definitely recommend it to any photographers “. Sandra Cullen www.sandracullenphotography.com/

“I found Nina’s course good fun and inspiring. What I like most about it is that the training didn’t just stop on the day – lots of information followed after the course too”. Justine Burton www.bertiesphotography.com.

London photography Workshop
images taken on photography workshop
behind the scenes childrens workshop

Basingstoke Childrens Workshop

Spring 2015
In the Spring of 2016 I visited my hometown Basingstoke to run my childrens photography workshop at the walled garden. The garden has wide open spaces, small wooded areas but also gorgeous flower beds.  We had a variety of models from 2 year old twins to a musical teenager and you can see some of the behind the scenes images taken below. On the day I also completed a lens test to show the difference between the Canon 200 2.0L, 70-200 2.8, 135 2.0L and the 100 2.8. See the blog post here .
Childrens Photography Workshop Basingstoke
Outdoor photography training
Behind the scenes workshop with Nina Mace
I recently attended Nina’s Colour and Light workshop for professional photographers in Basingstoke. Nina was well prepared for the training and shared a wealth and knowledge of experience with myself and the small group of photographers present. My biggest rave about Nina is how giving she is – always answering questions, sharing tips and tricks, discussing the way she goes about not only the technical aspect of photography but also running her business. I feel inspired and motivated after spending the day with her – can’t wait to do it again!
Katie Lister


“Thank you Nina for an excellent and enjoyable workshop. I have always sought locations where I liked the backgrounds and worked around that but after your course, I am very much converted to looking for the light first. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone thinking about it; its been a great learning curve and the post workshop Facebook forum has provided me with lots inspiration for editing outdoor location shoots. Thanks! ”

Kay Sehmi Phtography

Nina has a way of explaining the technical aspects of light and colour composition that is so easy to understand, you are left wondering why on earth you didn’t see it in the first place”… Just kidding, but really, Nina does have a real knack for explaining what people normally battle to get their heads round!

Umoya Photography

Glasgow Child Photography Course

September 2015
I am an active member of a number of photography forums on Facebook and a number of photographers had asked if I could take my Child Photography Course up to Glasgow in Scotland.  The workshop took place at the David Livingstone Center and meant we had access to some stunning wooded areas, pathways, long grass and gorgeous trees. The light was stunning as it was lightly diffused in the day time and then led into a most beautiful golden hour. To see more images from the Glasgow photography course visit here
Glasgow Child Photography Course
I recently attended Nina’s Childrens Photography Course in Glasgow and it was superb. It was one of those days where niggly things I had been trying to iron out in my photographer clicked. I am a hands on person when it comes to training and Nina’s course was perfect for me. She interacts personally with you and looks at your style to figure out how to get the best out of your work. She very generously shares all of her knowledge and works on your individual needs throughout the day. She’s also rather funny which I appreciated. Book now, best thing you will do to advance your photography skills.

Professional Photographer , Kellee Quinn Photography