Coronavirus rage in the photography industry – have you been a victim?

I have worked as a photographer and trainer for 10 years and one of the reasons I love our industry so much is because of the friendships I have built and the support I have had along the way from other photographers.


But sadly, in the last week, in particular, my feed has become filled with anger and criticism, not just of the government and neighbour’s behaviour, but now of other photographers and the government grants that they might or might not be receiving.


We need to remind ourselves that this terrible situation we find ourselves in is affecting everyone.  It is affecting families in the most tragic way and we are losing people we love. It’s affecting our businesses, our income, our relationships, our children’s education and a lot of people are upset and scared.


Most importantly, we do not know how it affecting people individually as we do not know their personal circumstances. There are photographers who have partners that are still working full time and some who have no partner at all. Some are lucky enough to be eligible for the self-employed grant yet a lot have fallen outside of the current rules and will receive nothing.  Some photographers who could be working online but it’s just not possible as they are trying to entertain 3 children under 5 years old.


” We are not all in the same boat, but we are all in the same storm”


So why am I writing this?

Firstly, I am asking photographers to take a deep breath and think before they post or comment.


Secondly, when people are worried it’s natural that they only see things from their point of view (it can become all-consuming) so try to give people the benefit of the doubt.


Finally, if you can offer some positive comments or support then please do. One day you might find that someone does the same for you.



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A little about nina


Before becoming a photographer, Nina spent 15 years working in Marketing & Brand Management.  It was during this time that she also found a love for leading working groups and training. Her style is fun and relaxed and focuses on a mixture of theory and hands-on practical exercises.

Nina has been a Professional Photographer for 10 years and has just been named for the second year in a row as Professional Photography Trainer of the year.  Her work has been featured in magazines and on popular blog and websites including Vogue and Canon Magazine.