Stephanie Cronin

Nina’s Photography Mentoring style is very relaxed, so personal and very real.  I recently invested a lot of money with a business coach and feel that it wasn’t personalised at all.  I came away from that session with the coach feeling deflated.  I left Nina feeling elated and excited about my business again and the possibility of where it could go.  What I found most useful was my photography style changed in the first 5 minutes of shooting.  The technique for looking for light has completely changed how I shoot.  Then, the editing techniques have seemed to make my process a lot more vibrant and saturated with colour – more akin to my style.  I would like to do a workshop at some point to see how Nina shoots and to experience a full session with her.  More importantly, I would like to book a 121 session with Nina to see how we can grow our business to be a lot busier.  I will be following up with more bespoke training on a one to one session and would love to join a workshop. I would definitely recommend Nina to any photographers out there looking to change their photographic style, editing techniques or general business development – Nina has all the answers!