Since starting out on my photography journey Nina has been one of my favourite photographers.  Her style is vibrant, full of fun and the bit I love most is it consistently good. I wanted to do the mentoring with Nina to understand how she conducts her location shoots, how she finds the light and finally how she goes about editing her images. I’ve only been on two other courses. Both of these were group courses and were very different from Nina’s mentoring.   I chose the mentoring as opposed to the group session as I wanted to focus on the areas I feel I needed the most help.  Nina tailored our time to do this.  (I also HATE the bun fight it can turn into shooting with lots of other photographers.) What I found most useful is how Nina looks for the light and how she interacts with her clients. Nina’s approach to post-processing, culling images, her workflow, the client experience.  There are many things that have started to sink in some weeks later too i.e. setting my white balance via Kelvin, I’ve been experimenting a lot with this and am really pleased with the results. I would absolutely consider booking again.  I would like to spend more time on the editing.  I’m still struggling to get the curves, white/blacks/mid-tone thing just right (feel like I’m missing a step).  Later in the year when I can invest more time in my business, I would like to take Nina’s business course too.  SEO, Marketing, and my website are some of the things I need to focus on. I have already recommended Nina to friends.   I have some great images for my portfolio and learned a huge amount in a very short space of time.  She also serves a tasty lunch ?