Family photo session in the Hemel Hempstead woodland

Family photo session in the Hemel Hempstead woodland

Family photo session in the Hemel Hempstead woodland

I have been waiting to share these images as I had a couple entered into a competition, but finally I can share them!  Just before Christmas I photographed this lovely family in the woodland up in Boxmoor in Hemel Hempstead (which incidentally is where I run my Beginners Photography Training Courses). The light was beautiful, but it was incredibly cold as our Decembers tend to be!

I had an idea in my head for a competition image  I wanted to take but then something spontaneous happened which was just brilliant! I was just setting up to photograph their daughter sitting on a log and a Robin landed exactly where I planned to photograph her. I quickly span my camera and took 3 or 4 images of the bird and then it flew off and sat watching us from a tree close by. I then took the photo of the little girl and asked her to point to where the sheep were in the field. A little move in Photoshop and voila – Mum has a really unique image that she can say no other families have!


Little girl with Robin

Mum and Dad hadn’t planned on being in any photos but I managed to them persuade them to step in for a couple. This is one of my favourites just hanging out on a log in a forest!

family portrait

Finally, on the way back from the woods we stopped at another location so I could get some natural light portraits of both siblings and I love the tones and colours in this. There may be no leaves on the tress in Winter but you can still create some beautiful colours if the light is right.


natural light portrait


I had such a fun session and I think it goes to show that you can still get great family photos even in the middle of the Winter – its just a case of having to wrap up very ,very warm! If you would to book a family photo session with me, please email [email protected].  I work all throughout Hertfordshire including Hemel Hempstead, St Albans, Berkhamsted, Tring and Harpenden.