Nina Mace Photography features on Vogue

Nina Mace Photography features on Vogue

Yes I am very excited to say Nina Mace Photography and Vogue in the same sentence. I was incredibly excited to find  that  2 of my images have been  featured by Vogue Italia http://www.vogue.it/ in PhotoVogue http://www.vogue.it/en/photovogue

The first image was taken of my daughter just last week on a verge of flowers in Hertfordshire and I called it Golden girl because of the beautiful light, and the fact that she is my Golden Girl 🙂

Vogue italia


The second is my son and daughter, taken a couple of months ago in the bluebells. I had the idea for the photo and it meant my husband had to come along carrying a ladder :-). I like the idea that someone is watching over them.

Nina Mace Photography in Vogue

The link to my portfolio is here