Children’s Photography Workshops by Nina Mace

Children’s Photography Workshops by Nina Mace

Children's Photography Workshops

children's photography workshops
It’s been an incredibly busy Spring with my Children’s Photography Workshops throughout the UK. I have had the pleasure of spending time with professional photographers in Leeds, Essex, Basingstoke, Nottingham and London and I wanted to take this opportunity to share some of the images that they have taken.

I am just about to launch my Autumn/ Winter Workshop programme so visit this page here for more details.

Here are a few of my favourite images with details on how and where they were shot. You can also visit all the blogs below to see the other photographers images.

child photographer nina mace
Taken just a couple of weeks ago in Wembley this was taken on my Canon 5diii with my 135 2.0L. ISO 800, f2. 1/500ss.
Bridge Light
This incredible bridge is in the grounds of a hotel in Leeds. The light and boys position have created some really interesting triangles within the composition. Taken on the Sigma 85mm.
On my recent Nottingham Workshop, we looked to try and embrace the dappled light towards the end of the day. We placed our lovely model Ellie in the trees and made sure her face was in the light. Something a little different 🙂
kids photographer nina mace
Taken on the 85mm 1.8 this was a unposed moment where the little girl was playing on the bridge. On my Workshops, we place our subjects where the light is lovely but also shoot in between to capture those in between opportunities too.
child photographer nina mace
On my recent Basingstoke Professional Photographers Workshop we experimented with placing our subjects right in the very bright sunlight and underexposing. In this case, we exposed for the highlights which was around 2 stops under perfect skin exposure.
Bridge Light
A glorious Spring evening for my workshop at Hylands House in Essex, this as taken right at the end of the day. Shot on my Canon 5diii with my 135 2.0L.
Taken in May in Basingstoke this image was all about finding beautiful backlight even when the sun is high. We used the trees at the location to filter and soften the light. Shot on my Canon 5diii in combination with my 70-200 2.8L. ISO 640, f2.8 SS 1/500
Shot at Loch Lomond in Scotland I loved working with this boy and also the stunning natural greens and stonework. Taken on my 135L at f2.

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