Behind the scenes kids photographer

Behind the scenes kids photographer

Behind the scenes kids photographer

Take a look behind the scenes at my location

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There’s nothing I love more than a behind the scenes blog, so I thought I would share a little video from the location I photographed at with my daughter last night. On the way home from school we spotted this patch of dandelions and as the weather was warm last night we took advantage and headed out for 10 minutes.

I chose to put her in a yellow dress to make the image feel more Spring-like. More recently I have been moving away from styling children and families in bright white.  I am finding that, on some shoots, white clothing can steal the focus away from faces and will often start clipping in camera if I am exposing correctly for the skin. White clothing does have the advantage of helping to protect against green colour casts, but in this case, it wasn’t something I needed to worry about as I was shooting towards the end of the day.

This image was taken on my Canon 200 2.8L which is a prime lens and weighs much less than the 70-200 2.8L. (If you would like to see how this lens looks in comparison to the 70-200 see my blog post here about what kit I have).

My settings were 1/400 second,  f/2.8, ISO 800, evaluative metering. For the edit, I warmed her skin up (as she looked a little cool against the golden light) and added a vignette to draw the eye to the subject.

I hope this video shows that you don’t need a great deal of space to take a lovely children’s portrait.




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Nina Mace is a kids photographer based out of Hemel Hempstead offering family photo shoots, beginners and professional photography training. She has been awarded, Children. Family & Lifestyle Photographer of the year and more recently top 3 professional photography trainer. For more details of her courses or mentoring see here.