Children’s image of the month: April

Children’s image of the month: April

My image of the month : April

Welcome to our April, children’s image of the month, blog circle!

For those of you that don’t know, I run a Facebook group which is all about outdoor children’s photography and I have close to 900 members now who support one another and discuss all elements of shooting outside. Last week a good friend (and very supportive member) Karen Wiltshire started a thread asking people to share their favourite image of the month. It got me thinking about starting a blog circle so we can also share all these great images outside of that group, so here is the first of our image of the month posts!

My image was taken on my Nottingham Workshop held last week at the Devere Orchards hotel which is within the grounds of Nottingham university, It’s a really interesting architectural building and also has some gorgeous formal and wild gardens outside. We photographed from 3-7pm and the image below was taken on the second shooting session around 6:30 pm. Usually we would avoid very harsh light and dappled light but in this case, we felt like we could use the light in a more creative way!

This breaks a number of lighting rules, but I loved the more editorial feel of the image. I also chose to edit the image in a different way, cooling down the greens with additional cyan and making the overall image more matt using curves. I love the colour of her hair compared to the foliage.

The image was taken on my 5diii with my 70-200 2.8L. I like to shoot at a low aperture so this was shot at 2.8.

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