Berkhamsted product photography

Berkhamsted product photography

Berkhamsted product & pack photography: Oglee Poglee

I always love working with other local businesses, and when I started chatting to Claire who runs Oglee Poglee from Berkhamsted, I knew straight away that I wanted to work with her. Oglee Poglee is a Berkhamsted craft based business with a difference. The company is a very successful blend of craft boxes and experience based workshops and parties. Claire was looking for a photographer who would help with product photography, but also to supply some more lifestyle images which show how children really use their imagination while making things.

The beautifully designed craft boxes can be ordered through the website and sent direct for birthdays and special occasions. Each box tells a story about an Oglee Pip adventure, welcoming children into an imaginative world and encouraging each child to bring their own, unique ideas to life.

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The other side of the business is running crafting workshops and parties, where children get to let their imaginations run wild! We decided to invite a number of families along to a shoot and give them an opportunity to open up and explore the Oglee Poglee products. Each box has a box, which tells of the adventures of Oglee Pip who spends his days exploring new things and going off on exciting, fun-filled adventures with his magic button. The book also includes idea for Mums and Dads ideas of the types of items they could make with the goodies in the box.

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My daughter had also asked to come along to the shoot (she loves making things!) and was very excited to be told she could also choose a box and could design her own bugs and butterflies. On the way home I asked her what she liked best about the Oglee Poglee Box and she gave it a glowing review.

” I liked 2 things best. I really like Oggle Pips’ magic button which I am going to put in my jewellery box and the different coloured pom poms and the googly eyes”.  Sophie, Aged 5

As you can imagine she was very excited to find out that she will be having an Oggle Poggle Birthday Party! She is already planning her theme and guest list!


Great news, Oglee Poglee craft boxes  from Berkhamsted have now been listed on www.notonthehighstreet.com. To buy these great craft boxes you can not visit here


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