photography inspiration - sunset

Throughout the year I work with a very talented group of professional photographers on my 12 month mentoring programme and I wanted to share some of the amazing images they have been creating! Each month we will each publish one of our favourite recent images around a theme and this months theme is SUNSET. Here is my contribution for the month of June Thanks 

 Golden hour is one of my absolute favourite times of day to photograph but I also have a season which I prefer due to the height of the sun and time that it sets. I have been reading up on the subject and the change in sun height and times is down to the tilt of the earths rotation (23.5 degrees it turns out!). What this means is in Autumn we have light for less hours plus it is always lower. This means I can filter the golden light through the trees much earlier than in the Summer. The image below was taken towards the end of Autumn and is coming through the fence line and behind. Straight out of camera I knew I would like this and then I worked the colours to match a little more and it became one of my favourite images from last year. 


Here’s to Autumn 2019 I cant wait! 



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