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Thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Nina and I am a Surrey-based photographer and photography trainer. I am often asked in my Facebook community for tips on sharpening images so I thought I would share an action I have created.


My first suggestion for crisp images is to ensure you are getting your images as sharp as possible in-camera. This is achieved through a combination of great exposure, correct focusing and your shutter speed decision. I like to keep my shutter speed at 1/500 to ensure a sharp image straight out of the camera.


If you do wish to add some additional sharpening I have created the following action which you can DOWNLOAD FOR FREE BELOW. Once installed you can run this action and then adjust the opacity to taste depending on whether your file is for printing or online. One tip is I always view at 100% when applying sharpening. 

This action works using Photoshop’s High Pass Filter which increases the contrast along the edges of your image which your brain then interprets as the increased contrast being “sharper “. The High Pass Filter is an edge detection filter so ignores areas that are not on the edge. This is why I like to use this method as its kinder on skin.

To see the action “in action” watch the video below and then you can click the link to download. I hope you find this useful.


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Before becoming a children’s photographer, Nina spent 15 years working in Marketing & Brand Management.  It was during this time that she also found a love for leading working groups and training. Her style is fun and relaxed and focuses on a mixture of theory and hands-on practical exercises. Nina is passionate about photographer training and her photography workshops take place all throughout the UK from Bristol to Scotland.

Nina has been a Professional Photographer for 9 years and was named the UK’s Children, Family & Lifestyle Photographer of the Year. Her work has been featured in magazines and on popular blog and websites including Vogue. Nina has also just been awarded top 3 professional photography training by the prestigious SWPP at the 2017 and 2019 Awards evening.


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