photography inspiration - black + whitE

Throughout the year I work with a very talented group of professional photographers on my 12 month mentoring programme and I wanted to share some of the amazing images they have been creating! Each month we will each publish one of our favourite recent images around a theme and this months theme is BLACK AND WHITE. Here is my contribution for the month of April. Thanks 

This image is special to me for lots of reasons – I see it most days hanging on the wall of my best friends house and all of these 3 children are my God Children. The image is what I like to call “perfectly imperfect”. I asked them to sit on these logs and to just relax. One of the boys has his shirt undone, the other has his foot up and girl is pulling her cheese face which makes me laugh! It’s also a great reminder of why I started photography so I could document mine and my friends kids. I did like the shot in colour (and that version we gave to Gran and Nan) but we decided to print all of the shots in black and white as they are up on the walls as a collection in their living room and hall. 




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