My photography bucket list for 2015

My photography bucket list for 2015

As we reach the end of this year, I have decided to challenge myself creatively by writing a bucket list of photos I would like to take, and new techniques I would like to try, in 2015. In an effort to make sure I don’t forget I have decided to blog my ideas and I shall endeavour to update as and when I have completed each task. So far I have 7 challenges but I plan to add more throughout the year.

1. Underwater images of my kids

And not just my kids, but ideally some fish too! Last year we visited Egypt over Christmas and I took underwater housing with me ( basically a fancy plastic bag) to take some shots of the my kids in the swimming pool. I didn’t venture to the sea, but this year our hotel is on a private beach, so I am hoping to be a bit more adventurous!  One of my favourite American children’s photographers, Kate T Parker, took some fantastic images of her kids jumping into a swimming pool – see below.

kate T parker photography

2. Colourful urban family photo shoots

I have been looking in and around Hertfordshire for some amazing Urban spaces for a children’s photo session, but to be honest we have more woodland and stately homes. Therefore I am planning to head to London for some colourful urban shoots. I love using strong colours in my work, but these tend to come from nature, so I am planning on photographing in front of buildings, graffiti, fun fairs etc. Another photographer I enjoy is Lot 116, and as you can see her imagery uses colour really well.  If you know of any fabulous locations in London, or Hertfordshire that I haven’t yet discovered, please let me know in the comments below.



3. Create some art using the Brenzier method

This is a technique I have been reading up on and creates a false depth of field by overlaying multiple images,  making images look incredibly 3 dimensional. My wedding photographer friend Julie-Anne http://www.julieanneimages.com/ has a wonderful example on her website , which is shown below. You can see how it feels like you are stepping inside of the image, and how the landscape has incredible depth.


4. Family photo session at Littlehampton, West Sussex

This location has been on my radar for a while and I want to make sure I visit in 2015. It is a fantastic coastal town which also have loads of really cool street art like the one below.




5. A Levitation shot

I have been fascinated by a lot of the levitation shots I have seen taken by  other photographers recently and I have been working on some ideas for ones that I can take with my kids. The biggest challenge I think is going to be coming up with a concept that isn’t spooky as most successful levitation images are quite surreal and dark.



Source: Natsumi Hayashi

6. Shoot an entire day on my Sigma 35mm 1.4

I bought this lens this year and when I do remember to use it I do love it. It creates a very different look to my favourite 135 2.0L so I want to spend some time getting to know this lens inside out.  So I have set myself the challenge of using only this lens for an entire day.


Sigma 35mm f/1.4


7.Shoot a session in only Black and White.

Something I used to do early on in my photography days was to shoot an entire session in only black and white. It taught me to see contrast and dramatic light better. So I plan to do this again, and possibly do it on the day I only shoot with my 35 1.4 🙂

kids photographers in Hertfordshire


If you are a fellow photographer I would love to read your 2015 photography bucket list or hear of any hints or tips you have to help me with my goals, so please feel free to add the link to your blog in the comments below 🙂 Thanks Nina



  1. Julie Skelton

    This is a FABULOUS bucket list! What great ideas and so varied too. Your photography continues to inspire and I can’t wait to see what you do in the year to come. Flattered that you’ve featured me! Oh, and please can I come to Littlehampton, it’s one of my favourites and I’ll take you to the best fish & chip cafe on earth 🙂

    • Nina Mace

      Thanks Julie I am totally going to take you up on the trip to Littlehampton x

  2. Stephanie Belton

    Lots of great ideas there Nina, can’t wait to see what you come up with and how many you manage to tick off, knowing you probably all of them 😉

    • Nina Mace

      I plan to have them finished by the end of January 😉

  3. Anna

    Very inspiring, great idea!

    • Nina Mace

      So pleased you enjoyed it

  4. andrea

    Nina, great bucket list and sounds like you’ll have lots of fun fulfilling all of them.

    I can suggest some great places in London for colour – Southbank, Camden Town or even Columbia rd flower market! Or how about with the lights in Piccadilly Circus at 6am to avoid the crowds? Some of the London Underground stations are pretty photogenic, Gloucester Rd being one.

    Good luck and pop in to say hello when you’re down London way 😉

    • Nina Mace

      Brilliant and thanks for the suggestions Andrea

  5. Sarah Thomas

    You’ve really inspired me to do my own bucket list Nina. It’s all to easy to get swept away and forget what really inspires you. Love it!

    • Nina Mace

      Really looking forward to seeing your list Sarah


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