Outdoor mini photo shoot in Hemel Hempstead

They say never work with children and animals and for this mini session I decided to ignore that and do both! This Hemel Hempstead mini session was one evening after school at Boxmoor. Photographing in Autumn is probably one of my favourite times of year. The colours of the leaves are amazing and the light is very pretty as the sun is lower.  Here are some of my favourite images and you can see we managed to get one shot with the puppy in (most of the time she was running around beside herself to be let loose outside!)

family photo session Hemel Hempstead


childrens photographer Hemel Hempstead

photo session Hemel Hempstead


Hemel hempstead photographer Nina Mace


Nina Mace is a family and children’s photographer in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire. Nina also works in St Albans, Berkhmasted and Tring and specialises in outdoor photography. For more details of what to expect on a family photo session with Nina please visit here.  Nina also runs Beginners Photography Courses in Hemel Hempstead which show you how to get great shots of your own children when you are on holiday or family days out. If you would like to book an outdoor mini photo shoot in Hemel Hempstead please email [email protected]