Its always lovely to find that my work features on other peoples blog’s and this week one of my sessions is being shown on www.bellebebes.co.uk.  To see the full post please visit here.

Debs and Verity run Belle and as they say “This baby-oriented blog is not about stretch marks or labour or breastfeeding. Because I know nothing about any of that! I hopefully will one day which sounds odd as none of it sounds particularly enjoyable, but I know it’s a necessity to have a lovely little person! Instead, as a huge fan of design, I want to showcase the prettier side of having babies. This blog is going to be about creative nursery design, cute clothes, awesome toys and highlighting photographers that take superb baby shots. I’ll probably stretch the ‘baby’ theme to young children too, mainly because I want to do features on parties and Playmobil!”

Why not take 5 minutes to look around like the blog and click here to like their facebook page. Thanks for featuring me ladies 🙂

Nina Mace Photography features on Belle Bebes blog


Nina Mace Photography Hemel Hempstead photographer