Day 2 of my training course in Paris was focused around more new lighting techniques including the use of a beauty dish. We met in the morning along the Seine, and again worked with Jen and Angelain 2 different outfits. Jen was very Chanel inspired, in a fitted suit and fabulous hat, and Angela was wearing a French ‘preppy’ look.

I worked with Jen first, using on camera flash and a reflector, and I decided to shoot only in black and white to make the images feel more classic. Some of my favourites are shown below.

Chanel inspired shoot on the Seine

The second half of the morning was spent with Angela and we used the lovely tree lined pathway along the river and the tunnel as a backdrop (we were going to venture inside but I will be honest it didn’t smell great! 🙂

Angela Hudson modelling

We then went for lunch (where I got royally ripped off paying 16 euros for a diet coke!! note to self next time don’t eat right next to a tourist spot) and then we were into our free shooting session at the Louve. The afternoon was all about putting what we have learnt into practice with no guidance from Andrew the trainer. We were to come up with our own lighting ideas and composition.

With Angela, I chose to get my flash off camera and my friends, Stephanie and Sam, did an excellent job at hiding behind posts. Angela looked amazing in a very slinky black dress and we drew quite a crowd of people while we were shooting.

Modelling at the Louve Behind the scenes in Paris

The second session was with Jen in a fitted black and white, slightly gothic, looking outfit. The minute I saw her it made me think of Alice in wonderland so rather than pose her in front of the buildings I took her off into the gardens in the Louvre. These were taken using a beauty dish with Vicki holding it behind the bushes for me.

Using a beaty dish NIna Mace Photography fashion Behind the scenes

At around 6pm we dashed back to the apartment to collect our belongings and back home on the Eurostar. I had such a wonderful 4 days, and really enjoyed working with lighting and photographing something that is completely new for me, and Paris was as stunning as I remembered. There is a trip being planned to Italy next year…I better start saving now!