I’ve known Sarah and Steve for years (19 actually..boy that has made me feel old!)  as we went to University together in North London and I was her bridesmaid. Sarah is a great friend and pretty much got me through Uni so I am forever in her debt! Sarah is NOT keen on  having her photo taken, but I took some for her on the fly last year and she liked them so she felt a bit more comfortable booking a full session with me. Sarah’s mum and dad had travelled up from Eastbourne and Steve’s parents, brothers and sisters were also at the house as Steve’s parents were heading back to Hong Kong that evening. It was a great opportunity to get an up to date group photo and it was made even more fun with the addition of the 4 grandkids.  We had a BBQ in the day (they always do great chicken!) and then waited for the sun to get a bit lower before we went ahead with the session. Some of my favourite images are below and I especially love the kids, who cracked up the whole time.

Outdoor family photography

childrens photography

family photo session Hemel Hempstead