Friday night cinema treat in Lockdown

As we can no longer head out for our usual cinema nights, I have been looking for ways to create a cinema night at home for the kids.

I spotted this on one of my favourite Instagram feeds We’re the Millers 2 (go and check them out they are a brilliant family to follow) where they shared a delivery they had recieved from a cinema in Scotland.

I immediately followed the link and ordered a box for ourselves plus 3 other families who are always treating us!


The cinema package includes:

  • 2.2kg sweet cinema popcorn (comes with a popcorn storage bag to decant into as its soooooo big! )
  • Nachos (2 x 800g)
  • Selection of 4 dips
  • Crunchy crisps (2 x 200g)
  • Candy floss (1x30g)
  • Movie theme metal popcorn tin plus pop up popcorn, nacho and crisp boxes. 

All the boxes arrived this morning (it takes around 5-6 days) and my daughter unpacked ours in seconds. She then wanted to head straight out to deliver the others despite the pouring rain! 

If you would like to order a box for yourself, or friends and family, just visit the link below. Each box is £20 plus delivery which I think is an excellent price considering how much is in the box!