photography inspiration - family photography

Throughout the year I work with a very talented group of professional photographers on my 12 month mentoring programme and I wanted to share some of the amazing images they have been creating! Each month we will each publish one of our favourite recent images around a theme and this months theme is family photography. Here is my contribution for the month of July Thanks

For this months blog I thought I would share a recent extended family shoot which was booked for the Dads birthday. Mum & Dad have 3 children and between them they have 8 grandchildren so the shoot was for 16 people in total. We shot around 6pm (9pm would have been even better but that is a big ask for such a big group travelling to get to the location) and I started with the largest group shot first. I then worked my way though each family group ending with portraits of the grandchildren.

As you can see the styling is very important for a family of this size and ahead of the shoot I sent the family my pinterest boards for colours and they did an amazing job! 

As I knew the family were then all together for dinner than evening I edited a choice few shots as soon as I got home and created a video using Animoto which I sent over and they watched it on the TV together.

It was such a fun shoot but what I love the most is the idea that these images may stay on the wall for potentially generations to come. If you are interested in an extended family shoot more details can be found here   



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