I’ve been looking forward to this date for a while…I have a few very good friends, which I have made through my photography, and we decided to go down to Greenwich for the day to get together and take some photos of the kids.

We had 6 kids with  us in total so we spent most of the day losing one, stopping another one from going down some steps they werent meant to, to eventually trying to stop them all jump in the water which was cascading over the barriers from the Thames  – it turns out it was high tide :-).   These shots were taken in and around Greenwich University http://www2.gre.ac.uk/ which is a collection of stunning buildings right on the water. After a couple of hours chasing the kids around we headed to a nearby pub for drinks and crisps and then headed home…  Such a great day and one to be repeated soon!  Some of my favourite photos are shown below. Hem

family photos in Greenwich

el Hempstead photographer