Facebook advertising for photographers

I’m asked all the time if it’s worth running Facebook & Instagram ads for my photography business and the answer is yes, absolutely BUT you need to be clear on how to set up your ads effectively before you start spending 

This course is for baby, family, wedding & branding photographers who have

– Invested in Facebook & Instagram ads in the past and seen little to no return?

– Are new to Facebook or Instagram ads but don’t know where to start?

I have spent the majority of 2022 testing FB ad campaigns and I am sharing everything I have learnt in my new course

The courseincludes:


11 videos so you can work through the course step-by-step (and it fits around your busy life!)


Downloadable worksheets to help you whilst you are setting  up your campaigns


Free Canva templates for posts and ads to get you started

Here’s what photographers who have bought the course have to say

So much I didn’t know!

I have run FB ad campaigns in the past and seen little to know clicks and now I realise that I was using totally the wrong audiences to target. I set up the audiences like Nina advised and it immediately improved my results. I am now excited to experiment with different campaigns for my new-born and maternity photos hoots

Sam, family photographer

Verified Buyer

I got the preview the course and wow!

I was lucky enough to preview Nina’s course when she ran the beta test and I was amazing at how much I learned. The biggest insights for me were around the creative and how such simple changes can really improve the click-through rate. I also love all of the free Canva templates she supplied as it got me started with my first ads

Karen, baby photographer

The audience info is blowing my mind!

I’m loving the course. The audience stuff is blowing my mind!! So cool. Thank you so much for figuring this all out for us 😊

Kate, family photographer

Verified Buyer

Facebook Ads for Photographers
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have FB Pixel?

To properly track your results, yes ideally you need to install FB Pixel. You can still run ads without it but you cannot track your results or retarget visitors. 

Please note this should be possible on all websites BUT we have found that on Pixiesets free website this is not the case and you would need to move to a paid-for version which is approx £8 a month 

Do Facebook ads work for photographers?

Yes, absolutely Facebook adverts can work for photographers if the campaign is targeted well and the creative really resonates with your target audience. This is why I delve into the audiences which have worked best for me and include some free ideas for creative designs to get you started.

Where does Facebook advertising fit as part of the marketing mix?

Understanding how best to use Facebook advertising alongside your other marketing is really important. In this course, I discuss where FB ads fit into the sales funnel but also how it works alongside your website and SEO. 

I am not very good at marketing will I find this course simple?

Before I launch any course I always test it with a smaller group beforehand. On the beta test for this “Facebook ads for photographers” course, I discovered that it was best to break the content down into manageable bite-sized lessons that you could watch at any time. 

Can I book a 1-2-1 session with Nina after the course?

If you would like support creating and designing your Facebook adverts I am more than happy to offer a 1-2-1 mentoring session. For details just send me a message via the contact form 


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