I have not asked Nina’s permission to post this post but I know she will not mind. I just want to give a massive thumbs up to her SEO course. It is really good and really worthwhile doing. I have just had a chat with another lovely photographer who will start the course in June and thought I would give some feedback over here for you to see and read. It’s super well organised, and very structured, it’s well explained and easy to follow the steps. the course is in manageable segments, with bi-weekly live sessions in the evening so the kiddies can be sorted ahead, it is all recorded anyway so you can catch up but I do like being on there during the live, it helps get me excited for the weeks ahead. There are plenty of videos to help with each different task, you can ask any questions you wish in a special Facebook group. You have checklists so that when tasks are complete you can feel an immediate sense of achievement as you see the progress you make. You are working alongside peers, I particularly found this weeks peer group work very useful.  Anyway, I hope that helps anyone trying to decide if it’s for them

SEO for Photographers Course

Just wanted to share a win from what I have learnt so far on Nina’s SEO course. My home page has always ranked well but I didn’t really understand what I was doing. Now I actually know what I’m doing and I’m optimising my core pages and I’m now ranking No 1 for my homepage AND number 2 for my newborn page. Slowly but surely I’m getting this stuff!

WOW! I have just started Nina Mace’s SEO Bootcamp and the amount of information she is providing is amazing! I thought I had a pretty good grasp on SEO but I was clearly wrong. Highly recommend working with her if you have the chance

Since mentoring with Nina, my SEO has improved dramatically. My website went from being on page 6+ of a Google search to jump to first place! This is something I would never have been able to achieve, without Nina’s guidance and support. She talked me through how to monitor my SEO through WordPress and suggested ways of maintaining my position. If you need help with your SEO, or are new to websites and need some guidance, I highly recommend getting in touch with Nina. She is definitely the SEO guru!

Before I trained with Nina, I had no idea what SEO was and how this affected my website. Since working with her,  I am able to easily keep on top of my SEO and have a clear understanding of what is needed to make my website visible.   I am still working on my SEO but I am now ranking top 5 and am aiming to get higher.  I now get so excited when I know my pages are working their hardest for clients and SEO!